The Twin Life

December, also known as ‘The Blur’

Sorry for the lack of posts. I know Christmas and New Years have come and gone. But I hope you are happy and healthy so far this year!

Seriously, December is pretty much a write-off for our family. Jacob’s birthday, the boys’ birthday, Christmas parties, Christmas, New Years. It’s madness.

So here is the crazy chaos that is December…

Our Playcentre Christmas Party/Teddy Bear Picnic
Reading going for heaps more photos!
Little men following the big kids on a hike.
The Cool Santa sporting Ray Ban Sunnies, of course.
Uncle Jeremy – I mean – Santa giving Wim his gift.
Back at home – we slowly welcomed Summer and the Holiday Season
The boys learning some proper gardening skills
Making Xmas Cards
Star biscuits!!
  The Wellington Multiple Births Christmas Party
H & J checking out another Santa.
More gifts from Santa!
The serious business of meeting Santa!

The boys had their second birthday as well! Jacob did an amazing job baking both cakes and cooking up a storm on the BBQ! It was a very small party, but thankfully fairly chilled out compared to their first birthdays!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season!

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