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Summer Days & Sad See-Ya-Soons

01082015_the scotts_002
Crazy drum circles at our house are all the rage.. I swear we were not trying to turn Ollie and Eden over to the Darkside! 😉

Last weekend we sadly said a farewell to some of our friends that are moving to that far away Northern Hemisphere. But it was one of the best times we’ve all had. Our boys love their kiddos and vice versa. It was so cool to have them all play together. A lovely moment of family history right there…  01082015_the scotts_00101082015_the scotts_00301082015_the scotts_00401082015_the scotts_005

The next day, we spent some time with our amazing friends and their families up the coast, apparently the cool place to ‘retire’. The morning was filled with stickers and beautiful beach time.

01082015_the scotts_006

01082015_the scotts_009
The Bearded Dads Association of New Zealand

01082015_the scotts_010 01082015_the scotts_008 01082015_the scotts_00701082015_the scotts_011

Yep. See you soon! Possibly on your side of the world!


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