The Great Wellington Heatwave of 2015!

Ok. Heatwave is maybe overdoing it. But it’s been hot here lately. Easily 27C in the shade and horrible in the sun. And to remind everyone not in NZ, we are lacking that vital part of the sky – the ozone. The sun is scorching. Sunscreen, hats, sunnies. You can never be too careful.

Needless to say, we’ve been BBQing quite a bit. And drinking many a cold beverage. Mostly beer. Otherwise, G&T. And water, litres and litres of water.

01282015_heatwave summer nz 01282015_heatwave summer nz001

So, speaking of BBQing. The following amazingness was gifted to us by Jacob’s dad, who actually got it from a farmer over in the Wairarapa. Yep. Wairarapa Wild Venison Backstrap. Out of this world. Anyway, considering our crazy temps lately, Jacob wanted to do something with it on the BBQ. Enter the Himalayan Rock Salt Slab.

01282015_nz venison salt rock001

He put it the rock salt on the BBQ for a good 30 minutes or so, then just seared the venison just enough and flipped it. That was all it needed. Yay Jacob and his BBQ skills yo!

01282015_nz venison salt rock

Super duper thinly sliced served with salad. Venison in the hot heat of summer? You betcha. (And of course, a little Garage Project goodness.)

01282015_nz venison salt rock002

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