The Twin Life

Sharing & Summer Showers

Late Summer Showers are best when shared.

02082015_twins rain umbrella

Lucky they can be cute.

More and more I see them playing together. They have a running commentary about the things they do, they thank each other for helping, and they share snacks. It is very sweet to see.

I guess I feel lucky that they have this bond. I guess I feel lucky that I have the time to stop and watch them play and fight and chat amongst themselves. It is that special twin bond. While they never had a made-up language or anything like that, they communicate quite well.

The speaking has been pretty easy for them and that I feel extremely fortunate. They can tell me what hurts, what they need. And they can tell other people what they need. Lately, they have been concentrating on the alphabet and know every letter and most of the sounds each one makes. The last few months, punctuation has been a fascination. Trying to explain what a comma or an apostrophe is to a two-year-old is a bit hard, but they vaguely get it.

Today, the boys saw an exclamation point on a road works sign.

“Exclamation” they both remarked.

“Exclamation starts with E” said Hendrik.

We replied, “That’s exactly right, Henk!”

“Holy crap” we whispered to ourselves.

I hope we can keep up with them!

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