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Such a beautiful week…

Ok. Totally crying.

This past week, one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world came to visit us in NZ. It has been a whirlwind trip for them, visiting so many places in such a little amount of time. But I feel so lucky that they spent a week with us here in Wellington. Here are some photos of an adventure to Red Rocks we all took.

02242015_red rocks wgtn nz 1 02242015_red rocks wgtn nz 2 02242015_red rocks wgtn nz 3 02242015_red rocks wgtn nz 4 02242015_red rocks wgtn nz 5I can’t even explain how hard it was saying goodbye to them this morning. I hate goodbyes. Even ‘see you soon’ is hard. But I love them both immensely and yes, we will see you soon!

Thanks for an incredible week Auntie Lisa and Uncle Chris!!


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