The Minimalist Game

We love games at our house. Rummy, Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, just to name a few. But the Minimalist Game is something quite different.

We are not minimalists, but would love to be. We just have too much crap. Or wait – let me rephrase that – I have too much crap. Even after moving countries, TWICE, I seem to have an amazing about of ‘stuff’. The rules are simple –

Find a friend or family member. Someone who’s willing to get rid of some of their excess stuff. This month, each of you must get rid of one thing on the first day of the month. On the second, two things. Three items on the third. So forth, and so on. Anything can go! Clothes, furniture, electronics, tools, decorations, etc. Donate, sell, or trash. Whatever you do, each material possession must be out of your house—and out of your life—by midnight each day.

At first, piece of cake. We are currently on day 17. We are going to be struggling to get rid of anything else come next week. I’ve been able to let go of some sentimental things that turned out to be not as sentimental as I thought. I’m also one of those craft-project-idea hoarders. So many balls of wool, so little time. Books and books of interesting old illustrations that I wanted to use for … something? Pieces of fabric that have been sitting in my closets for who knows how long. Not to mention the amount of toys that the boys haven’t played with in ages.

We’ve been living here for over three years now, and it’s amazing to think how much clutter and crap can enter your life and never leave. As we move along with this “game”, the weight, physically and mentally, of stuff is lifted off my shoulders. The weight is mostly that of unfinished projects, half crocheted blankets, and silly odds and ends that make me a burdened down, uncreative creative.

Some people thrive in chaos, trust me, I know a few. But it turns out I’m not really one of them. There was no thriving, just laziness. 

Time to move on!

Have you done the Minimalist Game? Or purged some unwanted/unneeded ‘stuff’? How did you go?


One thought on “The Minimalist Game

  1. We’re struggling with clutter at the moment too. So many boxes not yet unpacked from moving last August! And most of it would go in the Tardis-like ‘Museum of Us’ – family history, memories, stuff….. if only we had one of those. That classic Willliam Morris quote, blah blah know to be useful, believe to be beautiful etc etc, huh?

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