No-Bake Date and Almond Brownies

Last minute dessert for tonight! Yikes! Maybe topped with some icing sugar?

Hello van Hulst

The last few weeks we have been going through some chaos here at the homestead. Bathroom renovations are still going on, the house is covered in a layer of dust, the hallway is off limits for the boys, we’ve been going out and about EVERYDAY to stay out of the way of the tradies, and to top it all off, our oven stopped working. Luckily the grill and fan still work, so we’ve had to cook a lot with a curve and my bread and baking have all been on hold until we can get it fixed.


I was able to make a variation of some date bars that I posted on FB this week though.

No-Bake Date and Almond Brownies!

Way too easy, super yummy, everyone loves them! Like eeeeeveryone. Grown ups and kiddos alike.

It’s as easy as putting all of the ingredients into the food processor…

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