Hitting Restart.

Life over the last few weeks has been less than ideal. I finally resolved to have a bit of a breakdown the other day… it was strangely amazing.

It’s been over two weeks since Jacob’s assault and life has only just started to look somewhat normal again. After all of the emotion, the stress, the constant questions by well-meaning people, the recalling of facts over and over again to those people, I’m absolutely shattered. There hasn’t been a break. And especially now that the boys are dropping afternoon naps, that quiet time I once treasured is even more chaotic than ever. 

Before all of this happened, I felt like I was starting to regain some element of control over my life. Starting a business, making my blog work more efficiently, the boys sleep patterns made sense, meal planning, future planning, all the things we all slowly realise that we are striving for were thrown out the window when I got that call. And now, we slowly start to reorganise and rebuild our lives. Doing the mundane things, like grocery shopping and vacuuming are the only things that seem to bring peace for me right now.  

It still does make me tear up when I realise how fortunate we are to have a caring family, loving friends, and a close community. So thank you again…



One thought on “Hitting Restart.

  1. Hey lovelies. Hey I’ll be up in August hopefully or maybe it’s September? Hoping to borrow a couch at my nieces. Anyway I’ll be up for uni so save up some things you never get time to do and let me hang with the boys? Can’t wait to finally meet them. You know I still make Shanna-Beth have a little ‘quiet time’ which always turns into a sleep when Josh has a nap in the weekends. Restyle that daily routine again and again. It is phenomenal how flexible you become. PM me about the business I’d love to hear. Hope the man is on the mend.


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