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Misty mornings and The Cat Whisperer.

A few weeks ago, the boys and I drove up to Whanganui for a few days. It was nice to give Jacob some time to himself as he was still healing after his surgery and getting no peace here at home with two crazy two and a half year old boys. 05252015_misty mornings 05252015_misty mornings002

05252015_misty mornings003

05252015_misty mornings004Without Timmy Dog on this excursion, the boys could finally meet the cats! Pip, Wooly, and always present Bob took some time to adjust to H&W, and me. But they all finally caved in when it came time to eating.

Willem loved the cats! He was strangely polite around them and didn’t chase them like Hendrik did. I love seeing the big-boy behaviour come out in them. It makes my heart swell.


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