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The days of napping…

As the boys turn more and more into proper boys, their energy seems endless. There were once days that they would sleep every afternoon for two hours. I almost can’t imagine that now. The last few months, day sleeps have gone out the window. And with that – all of our sanity!


There are those amazing afternoons when they do sleep, but mostly it’s keeping them feed, keeping them busy, and hoping that 6pm bath time comes a little quicker every day.

Even now, as I write this, they are playing in their room for what I try to call “Quiet Time”. Quiet time. Pffffft. Who am I trying to kid!? There is singing, ukulele playing, noisy toys, jumping and climbing on and off of beds and toy boxes.

Some days, “Quiet Time” turns slowly into nap time. I do try and do the same thing each time.

  1. Right after lunch, I slowly coax them into their room which is slightly darkened.
  2. We have a nappy change and I give them some comfy trackies to put on.
  3. We have stories on the floor and then one or two stories while they’re tucked up in bed.
  4. We have our quick cuddles and give them a book to look at in bed if they are still awake.
  5. I leave them room quietly.

Most of the time, they will happily chat and play until about afternoon tea time, which is fine by me. At least, I have some time to myself which I usually, desperately, need. And that can be enough. On days like these, they will be running about the house for the next few hours, slightly cranky, always hungry, but ready for bed when it comes at night. And that, my dears, is heavenly.

Sleep tight!


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