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Winter at the Zoo

With the cold lately, it’s been hard to get out and about. But, the moment that sun pokes through the clouds, we try and take advantage of it! A few weeks back, we took a little trip to the Wellington Zoo. We got to see so many amazing things, a tiger feeding, a couple feisty kiwis, and all of the animals were so active! Great times!

I completely fell in love with the giraffes. I never quite realised how beautiful and graceful they were. I think I’d want to be a giraffe in my next life. What do you think?

Wellington Zoo
These guys stole my heart.
Wellington Zoo
Willem was more into the statue of the tiger, rather than the actual tiger. Of course.
Wellington Zoo
Monkeys looking for monkeys!

Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo
Hendrik was pretty stoked with the lions!

When was the last time you went to the Zoo? What did you see?


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