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8 of our Favourite Podcasts

I like to think that, if I had lived before TV, I would have been one of those housewives that sat next to the radio at night, crocheting or knitting, listening to some suspense or mystery show , completely enthralled in the drama of voices and sound effects. I, almost religiously, listened to “A Prairie Home Companion” every week when I lived in the States. And even now feel quite nostalgic to here it on Christmas here in NZ. I like to think, podcasts aren’t far from those olden day radio shows. And there I am, in a lovely dress, crocheting, and sipping some tea.

I don’t know about you, but there are a few podcasts that I’ve been listening to that I cannot wait for the next episode!

Here is the usual listening schedule –

Undisclosed For those of you that listened to Serial, you probably already know about this one. Each new episode of this is pretty amazing and always reminds me – if I ever go to Baltimore, try not to ever get busted for anything. But it makes me happy to know that so many people stand for rightful justice in the world.

The Longest Shortest Time Sometimes, as a parent, you have to be reminded that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!” Listening to this always makes me feel like I’m one of the global parenting tribe.

If Only They’d Told Me Another parenting podcast, NZ based though, so a little closer to home.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin Who doesn’t want to be happier??  I love their “try this at home” segments. Really inspiring for living a happier life.

This American Life Of course. No need to explain this one.

TED Radio Hour There are some really great collections of TED talks and ideas here that I really enjoy listening to. It makes me feel smarter, which is a good thing.

The Mystery Show Hilarious. Such a good one. I seriously get really excited when I see a new one in the queue!

99% Invisible Again, I feel smarter. Or at least I know a little more about design, architecture, and art. I see the world a little differently after I listen to this podcast.

I would love some other suggestions to add to the playlist! What are you listening to?


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