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Educational Colours Paint Review & GIVEAWAY – Kiwi Mummy Blogs

Are we an artsy fartsy family? …. Ooooh Yeah.

There is nothing more satisfying for my boys than completing a piece of art to give to someone. They love painting, drawing, really anything crafty.

So, needless to say, we were stoked to get this amazing gift pack of beautiful Educational Colours paint to try out! But not just paint, but brushes, stamps, texture wands, a smock, AND a great colour book! Seriously awesome! - EC Paint Reviews and Giveaway - Kiwi Mummy Blogs

As soon as we were able to get paper to try it out, the boys were into it. Every colour was opened, stamps were used, fingers, brushes, and hands. I didn’t even have time to open the smock! They loved the shiny pearl paints. The smoothness of it is actually quite beautiful. (And it gave me so many ideas for other little projects to use for them! – stay tuned!) - EC Paint Reviews and Giveaway - Kiwi Mummy Blogs - EC Paint Reviews and Giveaway - Kiwi Mummy Blogs - EC Paint Reviews and Giveaway - Kiwi Mummy Blogs

Hendrik loved the stamps!

Also, something that I really loved about the paint, it was really easy to clean up. We end up covered in paint some days, especially after Playcentre days, and it’s quite hard to get the stain and paint dyes off our hands. But this paint cleaned up beautifully, even off of the non-smocked shirts and dining room table. A little warm water and it was gone.

Here are a few other great bits of info about these paints.

They are a water based paint, so if you have a child that tends to lick the paint (I know a few 😉 they are totally safe. They are, of course, non-toxic washable, and acid free.

The paints are actually made by a qualified chemist and each batch can be traced.

Also, on a safety note, the glitter is plastic based, which is a great alternative from foil glitter. If it is consumed or contact is made with the eyes. Oddly, until I read this – I didn’t even think about what glitter was made of. Did you know this? This made me feel a lot better about the EC range!

EC has been going strong for 35 years in Australia and now you can find their range of art supplies internationally and here in NZ at Paper Plus, Baby Factory and Mighty Ape.

Ok. Here is the best part! How would you like some of these amazing paints???

Thanks to Kiwi Mummy Blogs and Educational Colours, we are giving away some of these lovely paints! Seriously cool!!!

Go check out our Facebook page! Enter to win by liking, commenting, or tagging a friend that would love to score this lovely gift! I will announce the winner 30 November 2015! Get on it!!

We hope everyone is having a good week!

Love you all!


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