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Happy Birthday to my 3 Year Olds!

Somedays, time never seems to more forward. Days and days of tantrums, neverending laundry, endless dishes after a dinners barely anyone eats. The constant cycle of repetitive daily life. And then you realise, my children are a year older!



Holy moly!

How is it that while life seems to stand still, we all get older so much more quicker than I was expecting? I guess that’s life though, eh?

Anyway – while I get teary at the thought of my boys getting older, I also celebrate it! These guys are turning into such interesting little dudes that I can not keep fed enough, entertained enough, exercised enough, or cuddled enough.

12132015_boys bday 005 12132015_boys bday 006The day was filled with family, robots, chocolate cake for Willem, strawberry cake for Hendrik, a walk to the city for the Santa Parade, and the last ride ever in the old Mountain Buggy Duet. Of course, they fell asleep on our way back up Brooklyn Hill and Jacob had a lovely time pushing them.

Happy 3rd Birthday Hendrik!

Happy 3rd Birthday Willem!


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