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Time, time, time…

What has become of me.. Or more accurately. Where the hell did it go!?

Our dudes are four years old. We’re forty. 2017 is coming and going as I write. The world, as shit as it seems to be at the moment, is still turning – for now.

And for now, here is what is going on at our wee mini homestead. Gardening like mad, children growing like weeds, it’s damn exhausting. Before I start a long rant of blah blah blah the world, blah blah evil politicians, blah blah what the hell are we allowing to happen to our planet…. blah… Here are some cute photos. We all like photos. Photos give us the feels. Photos remind us what we need to remember and hold dear. Photos freeze time. Time slips away, photos stay for ages, helping keep those memories that we lose as we grow old…. Argh! Sorry. No ranting. Cute photos! Photos!

These two never stop moving…
The amazing light of our beautiful home.


So much love…

How is life with you? I’ve missed you all!


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