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Rambles. Life goes on..

It moves on, so quickly, so fast that you might miss it.

Some days, it’s hard to slow down. It’s hard to keep up. It’s hard to breathe and find time to use the toilet. Seriously.

How does one find time? You just have to. At the end of the day, I make sure I find time.

A few months ago, I watched something that changed my way of thinking when I think about finding time and finding inspiration. This was coupled with a new resurgence in art for me.

Abstract was suggested by multiple friends for me to watch. I haven’t made it past the first episode. The first and only episode I watched is what has changed me. It’s about illustrator and artist Christoph Niemann. What I took away from that has gotten me back into drawing. My main takeaway – you work, you work your ass off. You sit down and you just do it. There is no waiting for inspiration. It will happen as you refine and practice. And if you are lucky, it will come to you by way of the mundane.


It is just about doing it.

It won’t be perfect.

It won’t be for anyone but yourself.



It is about what makes me happy.

It is about the things I love that I want to bring into my life.

Those things can change on a daily basis.

Love, happiness, nature, calm, fun, and always having the hunger for knowledge.

As I have progressed on this little journey into my psyche, my past, my emotions, and tapping into those things that have always brought me joy, I realise that the things I feel, will not bring fame, or money, or a career. But they give me something so much more.

They give me respect for myself. They give me an open heart to understand. They give me patience to understand from other people’s perspectives.

This is what life has been for me that past few months.

How have you been? What is inspiring you? Please tell me!

Much Love and Hugs!


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