The touchy subject of a multi-topic blog.

After the last couple of years of listening to ‘Blog Experts’ and being told that I was going to have to ‘niche-down’ my business and my blog to make any money, I found myself in a state of uncertainty.

I couldn’t just ‘niche-down’. I couldn’t choose one topic to cover. I am not an expert in any one thing. I’m pretty good at a lot of things. I have too many interests to focus on one thing. So, instead of writing about that ‘one’ thing that I couldn’t decide over, I wrote nothing at all.

And in an effort to make my blog fit into a certain niche or blogging clique (oh these totally exist btw) I totally lost all passion for it. I became more and more frustrated with how there seemed to be so much pressure to conform. And that pressure diminished that passion for writing, photographing, and sharing parts of our lives that I wanted to share.

There isn’t one thing in my life that I’m overly passionate about or knowledgeable about. My life is passionate. My experiences have made me knowledgeable. My life all by itself is passionate and fulfilling BECAUSE I have so many interests. The list will always grow and grow with the categories to create a well-rounded example of one family’s struggles, life experiences, and adventures.

Not everything in life should be driven by money. I’m not here to make money by selling my passions or my thoughts. I won’t argue if someone finds what I have said useful and wants to donate money to a possible Patreon page in the future.

But to narrow my life down to one topic when every topic in my life gives the others so much more life and dimension. Nah.

So, for now, it will be a lot of ideas, a lot of stories about life, and probably some art.

It’s all or nothing.

But if there is anything you would like to hear about… Let me know! I have created a survey that you can fill out here.

Hopefully, you’ll join us for the ride.

Much love! xx

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