Plastic Free July!

Yes, there is a month for everything. I can’t really fault this one though.

Here are some of the places around Wellington and NZ that can help you be plastic free!

If you are in need of jar or glass containers check out these places :

Arthur Holmes When we first moved to Wellington about 5 years ago now, Arthur Holmes was one of my first stops in getting my home livable. You can purchase really good quality jars and containers by the case! I started with the 1L Fido flip top jars. They are super handy for everything in the pantry and the fridge!

Second Treasures Shop If you are in Welly, then definitely go to the Tip Shop! They have old jars on the cheap. There always have heaps of the old Pic’s Peanut Butter jars which are a good size for smaller herbs and things.

Moore Wilson’s Oh I looooooooove Moore Wilson’s. Not only do they have a great selection of jars and storage, you can totally buy great bulk, not bin bulk, but catering style bulk. And Fresh is amazing for buying bulk fresh meat and veg.

So, if you want to go package free, check out these places :

Bin Inn I actually just went here for the first time EVER last week and was completely inspired. It made so much sense to me to start going here from now on when I can. Bulk bin galore! And if you bring in your own containers, they give you an additional 5% off! It’s not heaps, but it is a nice little incentive.

Commonsense Organics Seriously, this is one of my favourite places to go. They have bulk bin items, a lot of it organic and fair trade. You can bring your own containers, but they usually will have paper bags you can use for filling up on bin items.

That’s me for now, I’d love to hear your input! Share what you do! If we can promote a plastic free lifestyle to even the most stubborn people, we can totally make this a normal thing. Then, it won’t be a month, but the whole year round!


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