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The Evil Lurking in the Kitchen!


I had no idea how much evil was living in my kitchen!

Plastic Free July is happening at the moment. And I’ve been trying really hard to stay on track. The week before it started I was able to figure out most of the essentials I needed and where to get them without packaging. That wasn’t so bad. After that I was super inspired to rid my kitchen of as much plastic as I could (and rearrange most of the kitchen much to the dismay of my family).

First, let me explain one of my thoughts about plastic. I think there is bad plastic and ‘ok’ plastic. Bad plastic is the obvious, straws, plastic bags, single use items that can’t be recycled and the list goes on. ‘Ok’ plastic is only just ok. Items like reusable quality containers, like the kind I use for shopping, kids lunch boxes, and so on.

I started cleaning out my ‘plastic drawer’ and came across a shitload of really crappy reusable containers. The kind from old food and whatnot.

Some things were missing lids, lots of it were old and a little cruddy. Bits and pieces just lurking, clogging up my kitchen drawers with bad vibes.

I realised just having these were making me gloss over the fact that it was still plastic. Luckily, these are able to recycled. Off they go.


So, what do we do with the plastic that has already been made and made it into our homes? 

  • Recycle it if you can when it’s finished.
  • Repurpose it somehow.
  • Replace it with something that is better for the planet.

My goal is to replace my ‘ok’ plastics with nice Pyrex containers when the time comes.

Another drawer was filled with those horrible red keg cups, left over from Jacob’s 40th Birthday party. Straws from when Jacob was having to drink everything in smoothie form. I sent them to Playcentre.

On to the next drawer, filled with random glass jars I’ve collected over the last few years. There was a mish-mash of lids, random sized everything. Fricking annoying!

While doing this, I discovered something a little disturbing. I started really having a look at the lids. It was actually something I never considered before. There were ones that were stained and some that still smelled of whatever random sauce had been in there before, even after being run in the dishwasher. Some of the seals didn’t even work, probably because of the heat of the dishwasher. Hmmm.
I reckon you can tell which ones were kept… 
Ok, I know I’m OCD about my kitchen (and a lot of my things) but seeing this actually grossed me out a bit. I’ve been using old jar and repurposing them for ages and never caught onto this! Shocking!
It was a good way for me to see exactly what needed to change. What I can do without, what I need to rethink, and what I need may need to purchase in the future.
Wanna see my OCD container drawer now?
Can you sense a colour theme 😉 ??
Are you finding hidden plastic around your house? I’m scared to check the rest of the house! The laundry, the broom closet, the bathroom – not this week. Maybe the next. It’s a lot to tackle, but I can already feel the plastic burden on my shoulders begin to lift!
Remember – you don’t have to change your entire life, but choose at least two things. Two. That’s all.

What are your TWO things regarding plastic in your life that you want to change?


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