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A slow start to Spring

How satisfying is it to take a few moments after the sun sets on a beautiful sunny day in the garden. After tidying up, doing laundry, checking plants and scrubbing the dirt from under my fingernails, I took a deep breath and captured the end of winter and our slow start to Spring.

It’s an amazing feeling for me when the sun sticks around longer and longer each evening. Like the warmth that continues to linger past dinner time, my heart fills with the joy and my skin tingles excitement as I finally decide to put on a jumper and my big fuzzy wooly socks.

I love spring. I love feeling the transition between time. It makes me feel human, and small, and myself. I remember that the Earth shifts and that we need to shift with it. But it’s never a scary time even though I feel like watching scary movies in the spring. I always crave scary movies in the springtime. It’s a time that I can feel safe as the light grows stronger and the monsters on the screen don’t frighten me as much. The light after the darkness of winter grows every day.

Are you sowing seeds? For veggies or even ideas? Now is the time to embrace it!


Rock on awesome people!

We love you!



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