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A Lesson in Rules

Isn’t it odd when your child hits a new moment of clarity? I know that sounds weird, but like the next stage of maturity or another stage of life.

After a bit of a tussle before dinner, I took Willem, the hitter, back to his room. He told me that he hit Hendrik because he knew Hendrik was doing something that I wouldn’t like. Willem had been asking Hendrik a few times to stop and I guess his anger got the better of him.

So I told him, if you think something is wrong and the other person isn’t listening, come and find me or Dad to help him sort it out. But also, that he had to make sure he came and got us before he got too angry. He looked at me with this lightbulb expression.

“Can you write it down so I can remember? I forget things.” Wow, Willem.

So, we started coming up with ideas of other rules to write down. Some rules we could group under Tidy. Then, later after some very intelligent dinner conversation and a rather pleasant meal, which is rare nowadays, Hendrik came up with Respect!

I know some of this is because of school, but after a few weeks of massive hormonal changes, this was completely different to anything I’ve seen in ages..

I love it when you can see the lightbulbs going on in their heads. It is always quite satisfying and so amazing to watch.

Granted, they did have an awesome day today…

It was the first day of football for the season.

They got scooters.

Watching the Muppets.

It was a good day.

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