A Challenge.

It’s the first of May. What does this mean? Other than 10 days until my birthday? (Oh yes.) It means lots of people in the world are starting ‘challenges’. Every time I open my email or social media, there is a challenge.

A 30 day blogging challenge.

A 30 day eating healthy challenge.

A 30 day yoga challenge.

A 30 day drawing challenge.

All of these, I have considered.

But why do we need a ‘challenge’? I know why I do. I can seriously say I lack motivation most days. But do I need a ‘challenge’ to get out of my funk? Not really, especially not when you are sold to as a part of the ‘challenge’. (Can you see my air-quotes on every ‘challenge’? Yeah I thought so.) I hate the whole selling-shit-online tasks. No way. Even though I’m sure I will indeed someday be selling-shit-online as well.

So, what kind of thing should I challenge myself with? I make my bed every morning. That’s a good start right? How about the coffee-a-day challenge? Yep, sorted.

Ok. Seriously though. What kind of thing do we want to improve in our lives? Our well-being? Our patience? My short attention span could use some work to be a little less short.

What about something that I do already that I could do more of… ahhhh… Something that will not only benefit me, but everyone around me as well. Got it.

How about… (dun dun dun duuuuuun)

30 days of Meditation. 

Oh I know. Meditation. It’s not as woo-woo as you think! I’ve been meditating for the past year or two pretty consistently, but I do find myself slipping off the rails sometimes. The usual excuses – time, kids, bored, other shit. But I think, this is a good thing to do. And it has nothing too physical 😉

So. Meditating. What do you need?

  • A quiet place.
  • 10-15 minutes a day.
  • Some guided meditations are always helpful.


A Quiet Place.

I usually meditate in my bedroom. I know I can close the door, light a candle and get some actual quiet. Sometimes, if it’s a quiet day in the neighbourhood and the sun is shining, I’ll head outside. You need somewhere you can sit and be comfy. You can do it sitting up in a chair or, like I end up doing, sitting cross legged on a yoga mat.

10-15 minutes. 

This is seem hard to do. But if all else fails, put it in your diary! Set a reminder! I say 10-15 minutes but you can go longer if you like. Most beginners start small. Don’t think you’ll be going for hours at a time. Your brain won’t like it. It will try and fight! It will! Starting small is a good way to start training your mind. Think of it like a workout. You wouldn’t run a marathon on the first day of training, would you?

Guided Meditations.

If you have never meditated before, I highly recommend using a service like Headspace. It’s an amazing app and helps you with getting started and keeping you motivated. It’s brilliant and I can’t recommend it enough! Let Andy and his lovely soothing voice come through your headphones and you will be chilled instantly! And no this is not a paid ad! I just really like it.

If you don’t need Andy and Headspace, check out some podcasts and YouTube for some simple guided meditations. Again, keep it short and simple.

So, with this being a ‘challenge’, (air-quotes again), I won’t bore you with the daily blog post, but if you are keen to come along and try out something new, let me know! I’d be happy to start up a Facebook group to chat about it and share insights. I’ll be posting more bits and bobs on my Instagram, so check that out.

I hope I can stick to it! I hope you can too!

Much love! Arohanui!



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