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Positive Materialism and Animism

Everything we receive, purchase, keep, hold dear, hate, fix, admire, and love is filled with emotion and intention, the good and even the bad. It's filled with it's own life and energy and connects  and melds with our own lives.


Alignment in the Public Library

Many of you know, I'm a bit woo-woo... to put it mildly. So, at the library the other morning, I was going to pick up a book about Feng Shui. And it is in my faaaaaavourite section of the library. The 133's. It is where you can find books about crystals, tarot, witchcraft, astrology... You… Continue reading Alignment in the Public Library

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Winter Holidays, Anniversaries, and a Volcano

On the 5th of July, Jacob and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary! 10 years! Crazy! He totally spoiled me with a weekend away, just the two of us. And it was AWESOME! We dropped the boys up at the Great Auntie and Uncle's house and drove up to fabulous New Plymouth! Who knew New… Continue reading Winter Holidays, Anniversaries, and a Volcano