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Catching up on blogging and business..

The last few months, I have been focusing on something that I didn’t think I would get back to this soon. Work. Luckily, my work is fun. It’s photography, of course. I’ve been in the process of restarting photographing people, food, weddings, all things kid. It’s been a stressful few bits and pieces here and there,… Continue reading Catching up on blogging and business..


On Photographing busy, busy boys!

Over the last few weeks, I have been truly understanding what it means to have boys. There are hours of moving, running, eating, yelling, screaming, chaos. The only time it’s quiet in this house is when they have finally tired themselves out and have fallen asleep. While all of this has made exhausted, I can see the… Continue reading On Photographing busy, busy boys!

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Oh the Holiday Snaps!

School holidays are finally, FINALLY over! Seriously. We are shattered. The beginning of term could not come fast enough! But luckily, we were blessed with some amazing weather! While we did stay here in town most of the time, we were able to sneak away for a few days and enjoy some love from the… Continue reading Oh the Holiday Snaps!