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Strange Creativeness.

Warning – bit of a ramble… For the last week or so, I've had my head stuck between a canvas and my paints. I've really found a new way of working that seems to suit me. It's hard to describe. It's hard to explain without sounding nuts. But I've been delving deeper and deeper into… Continue reading Strange Creativeness.


Happy Friday! Weekend Plans…

Tonight. Mos Def.Thank you to my old friend, Andy, for hooking all us of up with this one!Saturday. Drawing.I'm not keeping within the lines. More on the Blue Knights video later.Sunday. Time with friends and family and the neighbourhood animals.The view from my office/studio.This is our neighbour's goat.She has a kid as well, soooo cute!And… Continue reading Happy Friday! Weekend Plans…


2 weeks to go!

Actually.. Less than!I picked up some of the invites provided by the gallery yesterday, painted five frames and continued to work on a couple more drawings for the show... I hate cutting it fine, but I sort of expected it.I'm so nervous! Really nervous! 16 years of the loop! But I'm much more excited this… Continue reading 2 weeks to go!