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Such a beautiful week…

Ok. Totally crying. This past week, one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world came to visit us in NZ. It has been a whirlwind trip for them, visiting so many places in such a little amount of time. But I feel so lucky that they spent a week with us here in Wellington.… Continue reading Such a beautiful week…

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Summer Days & Sad See-Ya-Soons

Last weekend we sadly said a farewell to some of our friends that are moving to that far away Northern Hemisphere. But it was one of the best times we've all had. Our boys love their kiddos and vice versa. It was so cool to have them all play together. A lovely moment of family history… Continue reading Summer Days & Sad See-Ya-Soons

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Eco-living and values for the family!

Being eco-aware and Earth friendly as a family can be quite difficult. Obviously, two almost-two year old boys don't grasp the idea of "Darling, please turn the tap off, we can't waste water." Or "Please turn the light off, electricity is expensive." But we are working on that. What we can do as parents, though, is… Continue reading Eco-living and values for the family!

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A Few New Rules for Interacting with a Twin Caregiver

I hear a lot from other (usually young) mums how they would love to have twins. I laugh. I snicker. Because, I know what they're thinking... Two babies, how sweet! Two cute little bums, awwww! Dressing them alike, how adorable! But, I know the reality... Two babies, crying in the night. Two little bums, that… Continue reading A Few New Rules for Interacting with a Twin Caregiver

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Strange food requests and so many new words!

The boys are getting more and more vocal everyday. "Please""Thank you""Curry puff""Proper fluffy please" (Hendrik)And I ask "What veggie would you like for lunch?" Willem says, "Lettuce please." 19 months. Crazy.But I am shocked and amazed that somehow they have taken to eating salad! And requesting it on a regular basis. It's probably just a… Continue reading Strange food requests and so many new words!