Holistic & Intuitive Readings

My calling is calling me to help my like-minded humans to guide them on whatever path lay before them.




What is a reading?

A reading is guidance in relation to a question you have. Think of it as life coaching with a touch of ­­woo and connect with the energy of the Universe or Spirit or Spirit Guides, whatever may come along. There are times when just being able to see your aura and the things going on around you will help me to see a possible block or solution. There are times when loved ones that have passed to the other side may come through with some guidance as well.


What can I expect?

Expectations are limiting. But normally, you will come to my home, have a cuppa, cuddle with Timmy-dog, sit and relax, and we can talk about the things that you need help with. I like to make sure that you are able to find the answers or at least a new path to those answers. Oh, and you might get some homework or a journaling task!


What sort of questions can I ask?

First let me say, yes or no questions aren’t the best way to go about this process. Think in terms of “How” and “What”. “How can I move on from this relationship?” “What do I need to know about …” These are the best questions. I can help you rephrase them if you hit a roadblock.


Seriously? Can I ask anything?

Totally. Anything said is completely confidential.


Will I get an answer? What happens if I don’t get an answer that I want?

Tarot and readings are all about finding the keys to the answers that are already inside of you. It’s all about HOW you perceive the answers that might come through. If you don’t like the answer that you’ve received, you might have to look deeper into your own life to see what else it may pertain to.


Can you connect to the spirit of my Grandmother?

Maybe. I can’t always guarantee that loved ones from the other side will come through or give you the messages you want. But what usually does come through is what you need.


A little about me and what the hell this is all about…

For some reason I feel the need to write this. Mostly for the people that may know me already and need some explanation about this.

Very early in my life, I was known to have very adult-like qualities. As my family said, I was weird. I knew things and said things that most kids wouldn’t know. Whether or not it was from past life experiences or my connections to the people around me, I guess I’m still figuring that out. I would also have very vivid and precognitive dreams. Scary stuff for a little kid.

I remember one dream I had as a child, where I saw a speed limit sign that said 65mph, (this is back in America by the way) when all the signs around us said 55mph, and then a flash of an older man’s face. The next week, our area had raised the speed limit to 65mph and on the first day the new speed limits were in order, an older man had died in a car crash not far from our home.

But nevertheless, this was me. I would see and sense spirits and other pick up on the vibe in the room like no-one’s business. Let’s just say it was hugely overwhelming for me. I would spend hours and hours out in the woods that surrounded our house, or alone in my room. Total introvert! Even if it was my own birthday, I’d want to be alone. (Not much has changed there!)

Through my teenage years and into my 20’s, it all dulled and stayed mostly dormant. I ended up moving countries and landed here in New Zealand. Not long after I gave birth to my children is when it all came back. My motherly intuition had jumpstarted those parts of myself that I had almost forgotten about.

I started having more precog dreams, sensing emotions and knowing things that I might not had known in regular circumstances. I started meditating regularly and it all came clear. I knew that what I’ve been going through all over again was a calling. And thanks to the wonderful web, I know that I’m not alone in feeling this way! I’ve been lucky enough to work with other intuitive and spiritually centred people that have given me the courage to be me and be a bit weird with confidence! So, bring on the candles, the crystals, the tarot cards and all the rest of the woo-woo!

My calling is calling me to help my like-minded humans to guide them on whatever path lay before them.