It is OFFICIALLY Spring!J and I spent a bit of time in the garden this weekend. We were able to overhaul the veggie patch and a couple of beds where we sadly ripped out a heap of capsicum plants. We have so much wonderful compost that we were able to mix in tons with the… Continue reading Gardening!!

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Recovery Day who knows…

Success! Last week I went into my surgeon’s to have him take out all of the extra bits and pieces left in my nose.. Gross! And Ouch! But as soon as he was done, I could actually breath in and out of the left nostril! I know it sounds stupid, but holy cheese and crackers!… Continue reading Recovery Day who knows…



Has anyone else tried these out?? J and I were watching Costa's Garden last night,and were completely amazed by these.Aquaponics is based on productive systems as they are found in nature. It can be loosely described as the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics and this is where the name aqua-ponics originates.Hydroponic systems rely heavily on… Continue reading *aquaponics