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Giving up of the Dummy

Dummy, pacifier, binky, or what we called it, dubba. This isn't a post about why they are good or bad or evil or the best thing you could ever do for your sanity. Let me just say, I never expected MY children to have one, but they did. No biggie, the world didn't end.  But… Continue reading Giving up of the Dummy

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Strange food requests and so many new words!

The boys are getting more and more vocal everyday. "Please""Thank you""Curry puff""Proper fluffy please" (Hendrik)And I ask "What veggie would you like for lunch?" Willem says, "Lettuce please." 19 months. Crazy.But I am shocked and amazed that somehow they have taken to eating salad! And requesting it on a regular basis. It's probably just a… Continue reading Strange food requests and so many new words!

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Vegan Corn Chowder – Meatless Monday

This weather! Rain, rain and more rain! If this is the start to winter, I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it anymore. Everything is damp, laundry is taking forever to dry, everything smells musty. At least it's not cold... Yet!Last week, I made this super hearty soup with a heap of leftover corn on… Continue reading Vegan Corn Chowder – Meatless Monday