The Great Wellington Heatwave of 2015!

Ok. Heatwave is maybe overdoing it. But it's been hot here lately. Easily 27C in the shade and horrible in the sun. And to remind everyone not in NZ, we are lacking that vital part of the sky - the ozone. The sun is scorching. Sunscreen, hats, sunnies. You can never be too careful. Needless to say,… Continue reading The Great Wellington Heatwave of 2015!

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A very special Monday..

Most Monday nights, we have a small group of very good friends come over for dinner. We all take turns cooking, which is a great break for me, but I love seeing what crazy things everyone makes. Anything from fondue to pork hocks, or coq au vin to spaetzle. It gets a little out of… Continue reading A very special Monday..


Another Anti-AFL weekend…

Apparently Collingwood won... What a gorgeous weekend for a BBQ! And friends, beers, and hanging out in the backyard playing Kubb...Jackal's action shot2kg of chicken wingsTimmy getting some cuddle action from JulieSleepy Bruce enjoying the sunshineBryan & JulieI think Duncan and Jackal were dancing at this point...Bruce in the field of playMarshmallow & a fire calls… Continue reading Another Anti-AFL weekend…