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Apple, Cheddar & Oat Petite Breads

Ok. Are you getting tired of apples yet? No? Good! Me neither! Thank goodness for cookbooks, eh? This was one that intrigued me by the title, Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can: Over 100 super easy, fast and delicious recipes. Hells yes! Bring it!  I'm very keen to try out some of the… Continue reading Apple, Cheddar & Oat Petite Breads

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Apple & Cheese Toasties!

Those of you that know me, know that I completely love and adore River Cottage. It's hard not to love it! It's been a big inspiration on how I strive to live my life. A few months back, this book, of course, struck an interest. There are a lot of simple basic dishes that I had… Continue reading Apple & Cheese Toasties!

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Meatfree Monday – Mushroom & Silverbeet Lasagne

I love a good, hearty lasagne. And to get that heartiness in a vegetarian dish - always add mushrooms! I found this recipe and thought it was a good basic idea. A great starting point for an easy lasagne. Also, as I try to budget more and more (it's amazing how much those boys can eat!!)… Continue reading Meatfree Monday – Mushroom & Silverbeet Lasagne

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Pikelets and Tea Parties..

Far out! Seriously easy!I love pikelets! You can add pretty much anything to them. Corn, bacon, apples, bananas, savoury, sweet, topped with honey, jam, or just plain!Here's all you need...Ingredients : 1 cup wholemeal or plain self-raising flour1 egg, lightly beaten3/4 cup milkbutter to fry and spreadMethod :In a bowl, whisk together flour, egg and… Continue reading Pikelets and Tea Parties..

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Leftover Makeover – Risotto Balls

Sheesh! Balls! Right. Mind back in the right.... Leftovers.We've been lucky the boys are ok with leftovers, but I feel bad making them eat things for lunch they may have had for dinner the night before. Not to mention, I get bored of eating the same things as well.One of the MANY dishes that Jacob… Continue reading Leftover Makeover – Risotto Balls

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Pumpkin & Sage Gnocchi – Meatless Monday!

I have been wanting to make another pumpkin and sage pasta for Meatless Mondays again, but haven't had the chance. I completely intend to make pasta again someday soon. But it will take a lot of planning I suspect. In the meantime, I had this brainstorm...Get that sage fix, with pre-made gnocchi! Woowoo! This goes back… Continue reading Pumpkin & Sage Gnocchi – Meatless Monday!