Week One in Wellington.

Back in New Zealand.Early for the Rugby. South Africa vs. Wales RWC 2011.Slightly cold and damp before the match.Wellington from the dog park.Lucy Dog.Our soon to be 'hood.Kia Ora. Soooooooon! Not that I am stalking our house or anything...After the hail storm...We've had a good first week here in Wellington. I've had some time to get… Continue reading Week One in Wellington.


The Wardrobe of Doom!

As I was getting dressed yesterday morning, I made the comment to Jacob, something of the lines of – Why must all my clothes feel like they are falling apart? As I put on my favorite pair of pirate argyles socks (yes, pirate argyles), I realised that besides the hole in the side (where our faithful… Continue reading The Wardrobe of Doom!