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Hop Harvest 2017!

I'm not much of a drinker these days, but I will be partaking in the beer made from these little beauties! 

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Time, time, time…

What has become of me.. Or more accurately. Where the hell did it go!? Our dudes are four years old. We're forty. 2017 is coming and going as I write. The world, as shit as it seems to be at the moment, is still turning - for now. And for now, here is what is going on… Continue reading Time, time, time…

childhood · Children · Family · The Twin Life

Eco-living and values for the family!

Being eco-aware and Earth friendly as a family can be quite difficult. Obviously, two almost-two year old boys don't grasp the idea of "Darling, please turn the tap off, we can't waste water." Or "Please turn the light off, electricity is expensive." But we are working on that. What we can do as parents, though, is… Continue reading Eco-living and values for the family!


The Summery Home…

Summer hasn't been too summery here, but it's still summer.DoorbellBruce enjoying the summer sun in the window seatChamomile and Lemon FizzKawakawaSunny kitchen window sills with mint, basil, lemon balm and lemon grassHello bumble!Front door letters, too bad it doesn't open any moreTimmy looking a bit grumpyHello blackberries behind the houseA rainbow of tomatoesOur valley