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Cheese Straws – who knew?

It always makes me slightly angry when I find simple recipes like this that I could have been making for ages! Way too easy, way too yummy, way too quickly eaten. The recipe I actually used was from the Treats from Little and Friday. (which of course I'm dying to go visit the cafe in… Continue reading Cheese Straws – who knew?

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A quick pantry lunch – Tuna Cakes

I've become one of those people that have a full pantry, basically my mother. You never know what you will need! Or, as I have found lately, "why did we need this?" I've come across a few things lately that I have NO idea what I bought them for... But this is not about my… Continue reading A quick pantry lunch – Tuna Cakes

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Pikelets and Tea Parties..

Far out! Seriously easy!I love pikelets! You can add pretty much anything to them. Corn, bacon, apples, bananas, savoury, sweet, topped with honey, jam, or just plain!Here's all you need...Ingredients : 1 cup wholemeal or plain self-raising flour1 egg, lightly beaten3/4 cup milkbutter to fry and spreadMethod :In a bowl, whisk together flour, egg and… Continue reading Pikelets and Tea Parties..