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Kid friendly Curry? Yes! Score!

A couple of years ago now, I worked as a nanny and looked after two lovely little hobbits! Cooking for them was pretty easy with the exception of the curry dilemma! They weren't really keen on anything curry. Not even butter chicken! It was something that I was hoping wouldn't happen with the boys. As… Continue reading Kid friendly Curry? Yes! Score!

Food · meatless monday · recipe

Kale & Silverbeet Pesto – Meatless Monday!

We are always facing the 'Neverending Kale Dilemma' at our house. It's one of those veggies that always turn up in the fridge. The same goes for chard and silverbeet. It never ends! I've almost come to hate it, but I'm always trying to find good and easy ways to use it. It's so good… Continue reading Kale & Silverbeet Pesto – Meatless Monday!