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My future Edward Hopper and René Magritte

After struggling with the idea of managing my twins boys with paint, I finally was able to get the boys painting! I may have cried a wee bit :)My goodness. I was amazed. They LOVED IT! Really LOVED IT! Hendrik was so upset when the session was over. LOVE IT! Seriously, they took to it… Continue reading My future Edward Hopper and René Magritte

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Holy Winter! Where’s the playdough!?

Ok ok. I know it's not THAT cold - or rather what cold used to be. Living in Minnesota for the better part of 8 or 9 years makes you hard. But winter here in Wellington just makes you grumpy. It's still cold. There is rain. 100k+ wind gusts. Almost freezing temperatures. But never cold… Continue reading Holy Winter! Where’s the playdough!?

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Meatfree Monday – Mushroom & Silverbeet Lasagne

I love a good, hearty lasagne. And to get that heartiness in a vegetarian dish - always add mushrooms! I found this recipe and thought it was a good basic idea. A great starting point for an easy lasagne. Also, as I try to budget more and more (it's amazing how much those boys can eat!!)… Continue reading Meatfree Monday – Mushroom & Silverbeet Lasagne

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*new bits and piece { Melbourne Children’s Portrait Photography }

Hey hey!!So - some new bits and pieces for Portrait sessions!!!I'll be adding new and fabulous products as time goes on, and if anyone has any particular requests - leave a comment! :)*StoryboardsThis is one of the best ways to display your favorite images from your portrait session. Each one is custom designed and depending… Continue reading *new bits and piece { Melbourne Children’s Portrait Photography }