Hitting Restart.

Life over the last few weeks has been less than ideal. I finally resolved to have a bit of a breakdown the other day... it was strangely amazing.It's been over two weeks since Jacob's assault and life has only just started to look somewhat normal again. After all of the emotion, the stress, the constant… Continue reading Hitting Restart.

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So when the horrible happens…

I received a call after 3am last Sunday morning. The worst kind. From the hospital. From the ED. Jacob was there. He didn't know what happened, but was able to recall our phone number. "He's in and out of consciousness and has a lot of swelling to the side of his face." the nurse told me.… Continue reading So when the horrible happens…

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A Few New Rules for Interacting with a Twin Caregiver

I hear a lot from other (usually young) mums how they would love to have twins. I laugh. I snicker. Because, I know what they're thinking... Two babies, how sweet! Two cute little bums, awwww! Dressing them alike, how adorable! But, I know the reality... Two babies, crying in the night. Two little bums, that… Continue reading A Few New Rules for Interacting with a Twin Caregiver