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First Birthday, done.

What a day! Thank you so much EVERYONE that came - near and far!! XThe Birthday BoysThere are heaps more photos....Wee Lewis!Kate and Scarlette. -AWPaul and SilasBoy band! -AWYep. A bit of chaos! -AWPhoenix -AWEtta and Wednesday -AWHappy Birthday to two amazing little men! -AW6 layer rainbow cake(s). Yes, there were two! -AWHenk enjoying some… Continue reading First Birthday, done.

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William James Wargo

Dad. We all miss you so very much. Fifteen years is a long time to be reminded every year. Every day. Fifteen years is something that seems so vague. Even after that many years, sometimes, it just feels like yesterday. I’ll be honest here. It doesn’t get much easier. It becomes tolerable, but it never… Continue reading William James Wargo


Giving Thanks…..

It's Thanksgiving today...I'm missing my family...Missing my Gramma's Turkeyday Feast....Missing having a four day weekend....I love you and miss you all!!But I am looking forward to our own version of Thanksgiving tonight!!Turkey Burgers on the BBQ.Root Veggie Chips.Cranberry and Blue Cheese toppings.Duncan's Pecan Pie.And *fingers crossed* my first ever Pumpkin Pie from actual pumpkin (aka… Continue reading Giving Thanks…..


*everything you’ve ever wanted to know… day 06

Day 01 — Your favourite song  Day 02 — Your favourite movieDay 03 — Your favourite television programmeDay 04 — Your favorite book (of all time)Day 05 — Your favorite quoteDay 06 — Whatever tickles your fancyReally?  It would have to be this guy...I love my hubby. He's a hippie at heart and has a heart of… Continue reading *everything you’ve ever wanted to know… day 06