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Pizza Scrolls

I probably feed these to my kids a little too often, but, honestly, they probably only get one scroll each, once I'm done devouring the rest secretly in the pantry! Shhhhh! They are really easy to make and you could put just about anything on them. Just keep in mind that you may have to… Continue reading Pizza Scrolls

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Couscous Fritters {Leftover Makeovers}

I'm discovering a passion for using leftovers. Even when I am cooking something, I am thinking about what I'll be able to make that last uneaten portion into. Frugality at it's best I like to think. Last week, Jacob made some lamb and couscous for dinner. The lamb was perfect. So was the couscous. But there… Continue reading Couscous Fritters {Leftover Makeovers}

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Fish Fingers and Trying Fighting School Holiday Boredom….

This past school holidays were slowly driving me a bit mental. It rained. It was cold. There were next to no playgroups and it was too crappy to go out anyway. So what did we do?Yes. Yes. Yes.Made Fish Fingers. I know. I know. Its the bane of so many mum's existence. But honestly, we never have… Continue reading Fish Fingers and Trying Fighting School Holiday Boredom….