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Proud Music Moments in Parenting

"Mum, this is the Beach Boys!" "I like this." whilst listening to Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Andrew Sisters. "Daaaaaaaaaaayyy-O, I say Daaaaaaaaay-ooooo" "Can we listen to the Beatles?" Lots of dancing. "Is this Dean Martin?" More dancing. "Who's this?" "It's Elvis" "Elvis Parsley?" And more dancing.  


Happy Sufjan Stevens Day!

Or rather Happy Monday. But in my world today... It is officially Sufjan Stevens Day here in Melbourne! I get to see him play at the Arts Centre tonight. I've never seen him play before and am really really ... REALLY excited! Can you tell????This weekend was pretty brilliant! Hilarious and good times had by… Continue reading Happy Sufjan Stevens Day!