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First Birthday, done.

What a day! Thank you so much EVERYONE that came - near and far!! XThe Birthday BoysThere are heaps more photos....Wee Lewis!Kate and Scarlette. -AWPaul and SilasBoy band! -AWYep. A bit of chaos! -AWPhoenix -AWEtta and Wednesday -AWHappy Birthday to two amazing little men! -AW6 layer rainbow cake(s). Yes, there were two! -AWHenk enjoying some… Continue reading First Birthday, done.

childhood · Children · The Twin Life


How is it even possible that a year has gone by so quickly? To be honest, I barely remember the first six month after these little men came into our lives. It is a complete blur. And even now, with more lack of sleep and teething and constant changes in the wings, the blur continues...… Continue reading ONE!