The Wardrobe of Doom!

As I was getting dressed yesterday morning, I made the comment to Jacob, something of the lines of – Why must all my clothes feel like they are falling apart? As I put on my favorite pair of pirate argyles socks (yes, pirate argyles), I realised that besides the hole in the side (where our faithful… Continue reading The Wardrobe of Doom!


Aquaponics – Part 2

After seeing the Aquaponics system that was installed for a family on Costa's Garden Odyssey, Jacob has been enormously inspired to build his own. He found some instructions online on how to build one using some new and recycled materials. Every weekend for about a month or so, he has been working like a mad… Continue reading Aquaponics – Part 2


*DIY Inspiration – Tank Top Totes

Love love love this!!I'm always inspired to reconstruct old things. So of course, I'm totally curious and cannot wait to make this! I just have to finally go through my old clothes and singlets for something to convert.... That's the toughest part.The full tutorial is here.Thanks Craftynest for the inspiring bit and pieces :)xo