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Quick Tip for Buying Second Hand Clothes

I'm a serial second hand clothing purchaser. There, I said it. I love Thrifting. And yes, Thrifting must be capitalised. Over the years, I've found a few tips and tricks that work when buying pre-loved clothes and this is one of my most used techniques at the moment. Over the past couple of years, since… Continue reading Quick Tip for Buying Second Hand Clothes


Leftovers… Fabric that is!

A few weeks back I decided that, as a family, we should be civilised and have some handy napkins to use at dinner. And as I've been trying to make an effort to finish projects, get rid of fabric and wool and art supplies I won't need, (which is harder than you may think) I… Continue reading Leftovers… Fabric that is!


*DIY Inspiration – Tank Top Totes

Love love love this!!I'm always inspired to reconstruct old things. So of course, I'm totally curious and cannot wait to make this! I just have to finally go through my old clothes and singlets for something to convert.... That's the toughest part.The full tutorial is here.Thanks Craftynest for the inspiring bit and pieces :)xo