The Summery Home…

Summer hasn't been too summery here, but it's still summer.DoorbellBruce enjoying the summer sun in the window seatChamomile and Lemon FizzKawakawaSunny kitchen window sills with mint, basil, lemon balm and lemon grassHello bumble!Front door letters, too bad it doesn't open any moreTimmy looking a bit grumpyHello blackberries behind the houseA rainbow of tomatoesOur valley


Some old and new friends around the garden

When we moved into our little home, our tenants were nice enough to leave some amazing herbs and veggies growing in the beds they built. It was such an awesome gift. Now, once I've figured out what most of everything is, we have leeks, chives, rainbow and regular silverbeet, (I think) beetroot, spinach, parsley, mint,… Continue reading Some old and new friends around the garden