Giving Thanks…..

It's Thanksgiving today...I'm missing my family...Missing my Gramma's Turkeyday Feast....Missing having a four day weekend....I love you and miss you all!!But I am looking forward to our own version of Thanksgiving tonight!!Turkey Burgers on the BBQ.Root Veggie Chips.Cranberry and Blue Cheese toppings.Duncan's Pecan Pie.And *fingers crossed* my first ever Pumpkin Pie from actual pumpkin (aka… Continue reading Giving Thanks…..


*what’s hot & not

Aida reminded me today - one month until Christmas. Yikes!!! I supposed I should start thinking about gifts and what not.. I'm such a bad Aunt!Hotties -Starting a new painting on the weekend. My goal is to finish it by this weekend. I don't have much time during the week to do these types of… Continue reading *what’s hot & not