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Giving up of the Dummy

Dummy, pacifier, binky, or what we called it, dubba. This isn't a post about why they are good or bad or evil or the best thing you could ever do for your sanity. Let me just say, I never expected MY children to have one, but they did. No biggie, the world didn't end.  But… Continue reading Giving up of the Dummy

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The days of napping…

As the boys turn more and more into proper boys, their energy seems endless. There were once days that they would sleep every afternoon for two hours. I almost can't imagine that now. The last few months, day sleeps have gone out the window. And with that - all of our sanity! There are those… Continue reading The days of napping…

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Apple & Cheese Toasties!

Those of you that know me, know that I completely love and adore River Cottage. It's hard not to love it! It's been a big inspiration on how I strive to live my life. A few months back, this book, of course, struck an interest. There are a lot of simple basic dishes that I had… Continue reading Apple & Cheese Toasties!