The Twin Life

Spring…… Where are you!?

Ok. Seriously. Winter. Go Away!Everyone is sick. Snotty noses. There is snot everywhere. On my clothes. On the boys bedding. On the couch. On pillows. So gross!We are ready for warmth.Sunny days.New plants to go into the garden.Come on already!!!These were all taken on a rare day the temp was above 10C. I think it… Continue reading Spring…… Where are you!?


A plastic-free life…

Is it possible? It's something that I would love to achieve. Last week I realised how much our recycling had gone down. We recently started getting raw milk which is delivered in a 10L bucket that gets sent back to the farm every week. And we keep our milk in big glass 2.2L jugs in… Continue reading A plastic-free life…

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Kid friendly Curry? Yes! Score!

A couple of years ago now, I worked as a nanny and looked after two lovely little hobbits! Cooking for them was pretty easy with the exception of the curry dilemma! They weren't really keen on anything curry. Not even butter chicken! It was something that I was hoping wouldn't happen with the boys. As… Continue reading Kid friendly Curry? Yes! Score!

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Apricot & Orange Muffins! It’s almost baking season..

This week has been a bit chilly here in old Welly. A brutal reminder of the upcoming winter. We've had to bust out a bit of the winter gear and merino pyjamas. Cold southerlies, rain, chapped lips, and heaters on... Time to start baking.A couple of weeks ago, I came across a very simple, easy… Continue reading Apricot & Orange Muffins! It’s almost baking season..