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More Handmade Christmas Goodness!

We've started a few new traditions as the season progresses. New advent calendar activities. Making heaps of things by hand, and of course, buying handmade things.                               And always, the elusive "In front of the Christmas Tree" portrait. Oh well. One day… Continue reading More Handmade Christmas Goodness!

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Happy Birthday to my 3 Year Olds!

Somedays, time never seems to more forward. Days and days of tantrums, neverending laundry, endless dishes after a dinners barely anyone eats. The constant cycle of repetitive daily life. And then you realise, my children are a year older! Three! 3! Holy moly! How is it that while life seems to stand still, we all get older… Continue reading Happy Birthday to my 3 Year Olds!

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Misty mornings and The Cat Whisperer.

A few weeks ago, the boys and I drove up to Whanganui for a few days. It was nice to give Jacob some time to himself as he was still healing after his surgery and getting no peace here at home with two crazy two and a half year old boys.  Without Timmy Dog on this… Continue reading Misty mornings and The Cat Whisperer.